Masks optional at Chicago Public Schools starting Monday

CHICAGO (CBS)– Masks will be optional for all students and staff at Chicago Public Schools starting Monday.

CPS officials said overnight, since they sent out the «mask optional» notice to students and staff last week, the COVID positivity rate within schools has gone down even further.

Cps officials said cases in schools and throughout the city have sharply declined over the past several weeks. They’re also seeing more and more students and staff becoming fully vaccinated.

The Chicago Teachers Union has filed an unfair labor practice complaint with the state of Illinois over the Chicago Public Schools’ decision to end its mask mandate next week.  

Several parent and community groups are urging CPS to let families request a remote learning option if they’re concerned about maskless classrooms.  

Masks are still high encouraged by school officials, just no longer required.   

Testing has been a big factor as CPS says voluntary testing has dramatically increased in schools.

Over the past two years, CPS has worked on improving indoor air quality at every school in the district.

They’ve invested at least $15 million dollars in just air filters and CPS saying students will not be in rooms that have not passed air quality assessments.

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