BBC QT audience member goes into Tory tirade after slamming Sunak’s ‘disgusting’ statement | Politics | News

He said: «I do understand your position as the Government representative, but it’s just not good enough.

«Talking about Russia, that’s not good enough. This is the UK you are the UK Government.

«You need to stop the performances, stop filling with data, the ONS, the National Audit Office.

«The Government has said things that aren’t accurate or they’re just careless.

«We need to have real action, we need a vision for the country and we need to stop this ‘oh I’m just going to go on a preamble’ or ‘the public doesn’t know what they’re talking about, it’s time for action.»

«Don’t take people for fools. Let’s just get absolutely clear, get away from the performances.

«Rishi Sunak, I actually quite respect him generally, but that was an Oscar-winning performance in deflection and it is disgusting and frankly an outrage.

«And I need you to go back to him and say that it is not good enough and the public will not accept that.»

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«I absolutely accept that as the Government that is our responsibility.

«I do also need to be honest and say no government can protect us all from every single external shock that gets thrown at an economy, like for example covid.»

However, the man was unimpressed by Mr Hind’s response.

He replied: «Where’s the plan? Where’s the vision? What’s your vision long term? Not next week.»

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