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LITHUANIA, March 30 – The Government has approved the concept underpinning the development of the State Progress Strategy ‘Lithuania 2050’ (hereinafter ‘the Strategy ‘Lithuania 2050’).

The draft strategy will be tuned to the National Security Strategy, which has gained particular relevance these days. The Strategy ‘Lithuania 2050’ will set out the vision for the state progress, state development guidelines, and the desired impact indicators reflecting changes in the social, economic and environmental state of play.

The Strategy ‘Lithuania 2050’ will follow the Law on Strategic Management as well as the methodology for strategic management, which require reference to the latest forecasting methods and the principle of future assessment. The planned duration of the Strategy is more than twenty years (from 2024 to 2050).

The development of the Strategy ‘Lithuania 2050’ has been also prompted by the fast digital transformation trends in business, governance, education and other areas of life at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, also by global geopolitical challenges, inadequate attention to climate change, priorities and long-term commitments by 2050 set forth by international organisations such as the United Nations, OECD, the European Union, etc.

These reasons make us to rethink and re-evaluate the global changes affecting Lithuania, to build on knowledge, information and research to anticipate the diversity of Lithuania’s future and opportunities that its citizens could create.

The drafting stages include: a preparatory stage, an environmental analysis, public consultations with experts, stakeholders and the people, development of future scenarios and action plans, and a strategy plan. The draft strategy is expected to be tabled to the Seimas by 10 March 2023.

The Strategy will be worked out by the Office of the Government in cooperation with the Seimas Committee for the Future, the Government Strategic Analysis Centre (STRATA) and Vilnius University.

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