Rishi Sunak news – live: ‘Silly’ to give families more help with cost of living crisis now, says Chancellor

Keir Starmer calls Boris Johnson the ‘Comical Ali’ of the cost of living crisis

Rishi Sunak has said it would be “silly” for the government to consider more help for families feeling the cost of living squeeze right now despite soaring energy bills.

Brits are facing an average £700 increase in their gas and electricity bills after the energy price cap rise in April – with another 50 per cent spike expected in October.

Speaking to Mumsnet, the Chancellor rejected the idea of further help in the immediate months ahead – saying he was willing to make himself unpopular by sticking by his spending plans.

Asked by one disabled user whether he could do more on energy bills, the chancellor said he had already provided support through his £200 “energy rebate” loan and £150 council tax rebate.

Mr Sunak said: “We’ve said we’ll see what happens with the price cap in the Autumn. I know people are anxious about this and wondering if they are going to go up even more.”


Government refuses to say how many sanctioned Russians have non-dom status

The government has refused to say how many Russians sanctioned because of their links to the Kremlin benefit from UK non-dom tax status, as calls grow to scrap the perk.

Ministers claimed they were trying to “protect taxpayers money” by not revealing the extent of the breaks, an excuse opposition MPs described as “absurd”.

Opposition MPs have sent a series of parliamentary written questions to ministers but were told it would be too much work to provide an answer.

Our policy correspondent Jon Stone has the story:

Emily Atkinson28 April 2022 03:30


Watch: Dominic Raab condemns Labour’s plan for windfall tax on energy companies

Dominic Raab condemns Labour’s plan for windfall tax on energy companies

Emily Atkinson28 April 2022 02:30


Rishi Sunak says cost of living help would leave ‘our kids’ picking up the bill

Emily Atkinson28 April 2022 01:30


Watch: Soviet Union behaved more rationally than Putin’s Russia, says Truss

Soviet Union behaved more rationally than Putin’s Russia, says Truss

Emily Atkinson28 April 2022 00:30


Liz Truss calls for ‘network of liberty’ at Mansion House

Just a year after her government completed the process of withdrawing the UK from its partnership with close allies in the EU, foreign secretary Liz Truss said she wanted to build stronger alliances with like-minded states in what she called a “network of liberty”.

Speaking at a high-profile speech to the Lord Mayor of London’s Easter Banquet, Ms Truss said: “My vision is a world where free nations are assertive and in the ascendant.

“Where freedom and democracy are strengthened through a network of economic and security partnerships.

“Where aggressors are contained and forced to take a better path.”

Emily Atkinson27 April 2022 23:42


Watch: Dominic Raab grins while discussing solutions to cost of living crisis

Dominic Raab grins while discussing solutions to cost of living crisis

Emily Atkinson27 April 2022 23:22


In confrontational message to Beijing, Truss warns of economic retaliation if China fails to ‘play by rules’

The G7 group of leading global powers should act as “an economic Nato”, with all members ready to come to one another’s defence if their economies are targeted by an aggressive regime like Russia or China, foreign secretary Liz Truss has said.

In a highly confrontational message to Beijing, the foreign secretary warned that China’s could face Russia-style sanctions form an “assertive” G7 if it threatens others’ security, adding: “They will not continue to rise if they do not play by the rules.”

And she raised the prospect of a “global Nato” able and willing to project influence deep into China’s Indo-Pacific backyard, and ensuring that “the Pacific is protected (and) democracies like Taiwan are able to defend themselves”.

Our political editor Andrew Woodcock reports:

Emily Atkinson27 April 2022 23:02


Tory councillors rebuked for ‘negative’ election campaign blamed for sparking antisemitic abuse of rival

Tory councillors have been reprimanded over a “negative and vindictive” election campaign thought to have triggered online antisemitic abuse against a rival candidate, following an independent QC-led inquiry ordered by Conservative head office.

The allegation was also included in official Conservative leaflets distributed in the ward – which has a large Jewish population and is in MP Oliver Dowden’s constituency – in the days before the ballot.

Dr Ozarow, who is Jewish, said he felt “terrorised” by a stream of antisemitic abuse and death threats directed at him and his family on social media as the campaign reached its climax.

Our political editor Andrew Woodcock has more:

Emily Atkinson27 April 2022 22:45


Truss calls for overhaul of approach to international security

The crisis in Ukraine must be the catalyst for an overhaul to the West’s approach to international security, foreign secretary Liz Truss has said.

In a keynote foreign policy speech, Ms Truss said the UK needed to strengthen its military while building alliances with free nations around the world, using their economic power to deter aggressors who “do not play by the rules”.

She said the G7 group of leading industrialised nations should act as an “economic Nato” defending collective prosperity, while the Western military alliance must be prepared to open its doors to countries such as Finland and Sweden.

Speaking at the Mansion House in the City of London, Ms Truss singled out China, which has refused to condemn the invasion of Ukraine, while increasing imports from Russia and commenting on “who should or shouldn’t be a Nato member”.

“China is not impervious. They will not continue to rise if they do not play by the rules,” she said.

“China needs trade with the G7. We represent around half of the global economy. And we have choices.

“We have shown with Russia the kind of choices that we’re prepared to make when international rules are violated.”

Emily Atkinson27 April 2022 22:30


Politics explained: Care homes ruling shows politicians are not immune to long Covid effects

For troubled ministers in this Conservative government, “living with Covid” means forgetting about it and, in particular, forgetting about some of the more obvious policy failures during the crisis, writes Sean O’Grady.

Emily Atkinson27 April 2022 22:14

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