Brides and grooms now in their mid to late 30s tying knot amid race to the altar in post pandemic wedding boom

Brides and grooms are getting older as they finally get to the altar in what has become a post pandemic wedding boom.

he number of marriages celebrated last year increased by 81% compared with 2020 when rolling Covid lockdowns forced many couples to postpone their nuptials.

However, according to the Central Statistics Office (CSO), the average age for brides walking down the aisle is now 35.4 years while grooms are typically 37.4 years old before they say I do.

In same-sex marriages, the average age of both males and females is 40.1 years.

While the number of marriages celebrated in 2021 increased by 81% from 2020, it was still down 15% from 2019 when there were 20,313 marriages, reflecting the impact of COVID-19 restrictions.

It total, there were 17,217 marriages celebrated in Ireland in 2021 including 500 same-sex marriages.

The figures show that the most popular form of ceremony for couples is still a Catholic ceremony at 40pc, followed by a civil ceremony at 34pc.

For same-sex couples, civil ceremony was the most popular choice (66pc) while a humanist ceremony was chosen by 8.3pc of all opposite-sex marriages and 13.6pc of all same-sex marriages in 2021.

Statistician Gerard Doolan said the popularity of Catholic and civil ceremonies has been in decline since 2014 however, when they accounted for 87pc of all marriage ceremonies.

August and September are the most popular months for opposite-sex marriages while September and July were the favoured months for same-sex ceremonies. January was the least favoured month to tie the knot for all couples.

Friday and Saturday continue to be the most popular days to tie the knot for opposite-sex couples, while Friday, followed by Thursday were the most favoured days to wed for same-sex couples.

Sundays and Tuesdays were the least popular days of the week to marry for all couples.

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