Britain’s Got Talent group leave judges emotional as they stand up to bullies

Britain’s Got Talent judges and contestants were reduced to tears on Saturday night’s show after a group of young boys stand up to bullies in an emotional audition.

The group of schoolboys, all aged between 10-12, took to the stage to tell the world ‘it’s OK for boys to dance’ while performing their routine to You Will Be Found from the hit musical Dear Evan Hansen.

The Five Star boys’ – made up of Toby-Jay, Ollie, Joey, Beau and Adam – met at a dance convention in Birmingham as they wowed the judges on this weekends show.

Beau, 12, told the judges : «We’re trying to spread the word, for boys who dance, because its not always easy for us, we get bullied.»

Toby, 11, added: «We kind of just say to ourselves, ‘we know we’re better than them’ but boys can dance if they want too. It’s not going to affect anybody else and they’re just people who are jealous.»

The judges kind comments reduced the judges to tears
The judges kind comments reduced the judges to tears

Dancer Toby-Jay, 11, told the Mirror : “The message we want to get out there is that it’s OK for boys to dance because it’s not just a girls’ sport.

“And no matter what people say, just carry on what you’re doing because it’s what you love.”

When Simon, 62, heard their story he called the bullies “idiots” who were “jealous because they can’t do what you do”.

The group of boys were full of emotions after performing their beautiful dance on Saturday’s episode of BGT as they embraced one another.

Judge Amanda Holden said afterwards: «God, you’ve reduced me to tears. I thought it was an extraordinary piece.

«I just think you should feel enormously proud of yourselves because it was beautiful.»

Their routine went down a treat with judges and audience
Their routine went down a treat with judges and audience

David Walliams added: «It was perfect. You guys are sensational.»

Fellow judge Alesha Dixon continued: «Collectively it was just stunning, and I loved everything about it.

«You’re just the most gorgeous boys and your parents must be so proud.»

Even the toughest critic was impressed, as Simon Cowell summed up the routine: «Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

«You know there was something about you when you walked out.

«I know this is tough, what you told us, but I promise you, you stand there now as five strong boys who can say to all of those idiots ‘You can’t do what we just did’.

«For me, this is the best audition we’ve seen all day.»

The group of boys all made it through to the next round of the competition with a resounding four yes’s from the judging panel.

The 5 Star Boys were set to film BGT last year but the 15th series was postponed due to Covid.

All the boys, bar Ollie and Joey, have experienced negative comments about what they do – though Ollie and Joey say other dancer friends have also faced cruel jibes.

Britain’s Got Talent continues next weekend at 8pm on ITV and on ITV Hub.

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